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half the damn time, idek


now we don't mess around / you see me with my crew
you love how we get down
you wanna do it too
we make a perfect team / and boy you know it's true
so if you're wondering / here's what we gonna do:


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So I'm thinking that if I get a head-start on them, you guys might get your cards before the new year :3 I already went to the post office and got a TON of international stamps and I'll be damned if any of my shit gets ~lost~ this year :||||| THANK YOU, USPS. So all comments are screened, and if you'd like a card feel free to leave me your address and I'll send one along~ (please specify if you'd prefer a non-denominational card or if baby Jesus is alright or if you would just like a crappily written postcard regardless of the holiday season >.>;) And I might not have as much to write, but definitely don't be shy about asking for a card if we've just become friends or have barely spoken or whatever. I think with the way the world's going, everyone could use a little bit of extra love~

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same deal as the post on the comm \o//// :

Hello~ So we're all ([ profile] blahnicity, [ profile] crazy_albino12, [ profile] bittersnow, [ profile] remixied) actually going to SMTown NYC :DDDD we're going to be living off of saltines and ketchup packets for a while, BUT IT WILL TOTALLY BE WORTH IT. Point in case, we're going to be around Saturday and Sunday, so if you want to come and be irresponsible and lame with us, bother me 'til I respond on my fandom twitter account and let us know where you're at \o//// Be advised, we tend to be terrible at planning/giving directions so don't expect too much ;;

Also, if you haven't heard yet: SUPPORT ZHOU MI BANNERS :DDDD WHEEEEEEEE~~~~!!!!1!!!1

So yeah. Get me on @playgrndlegend mentions go straight to my phone and I'll try to get back asap \o/ excited to creep on meet new people :3333

or if you have my cell just text or call. I tried to keep track of who's going but idek anymore ;;


May. 22nd, 2010 08:12 pm
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*the 'we all know remixie ships everything under the sun' disclaimer*

that being said, I'm on the Qmi chat and it's awesome. Y'all should join me~

And I tried writing kyumin. Oh it was REAL bad :/ I suck at writing Sungmin tbh. I might try again, but idk. He's just been made into such a little girl by fandom, it makes me cringe. I understand he's cute and sweet, but that does NOT equal female to me. And I really don't know enough past the stereotype to do much else. I had Ally look at it, and we both agree that it's generic. I'll post it if there's any interest, but honestly, I really don't think it's worth the time it takes to read.

I also tried Eunhae, that was kinda fun but it came out a little strange. Might post that, too.

Anyhow, got off topic lol COME JOIN THE FUN~!
(just open up aim and go to group chat and type in the group name as 'qmi qmi qmi'. See you there~

[EDIT]: I suck at commenting rn, super busy. But I'm reading everything and will totally get back to y'all.

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your argument is invalid. :3

Went to see a bollywood movie with a group of friends from school, and there was an ad for that movie, "How to Train Your Dragon" and I flipped a shit like Oh my god you guys, "How to Train Your G Dragon" before I realized what it said... Thankfully they're all into kpop >.> It was all very ridiculous.

This is also the All Your Music Are Belong to Me post. I'm running out of shit to write to; so if you wouldn't mind, leave me some suggestions plz. Half your library if you want~ I listen to pretty much everything, so whatever's cool.

[EDIT]: Okay. Uh. Okay. I think I ripped the bottom part of my industrial. It's er... bleeding profusely and I can't quite see well enough to tell. But it doesn't hurt DDDD: It wasn't even infected or anything! WTH DO I DO?! /SCREAMING


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