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2022-02-02 03:16 pm
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2011-11-17 01:23 am

friends cut

lj people, if you can see this, then disregard the following \o////

I've been pretty shitty at keeping up with lj in general, and I've been especially bad at keeping in touch with lj people who aren't on twitter ;; Somehow, I ended up moving myself over there and kind of abandoning journal updating and stuffs :/ writing slump is totally not helping things along, either. If anything, most of these cuts are the result of me neglecting this thing and growing apart from a lot of you.

But I figure, if I can't remember the last time we've spoken, it's about time, haha.

There's also the case of the not-so-sudden realization that I've been putting too much effort into almost completely one-sided relationships. It's prolly a better idea if I put my time and energy into the people who actually want it?

However, if you think there's been a misunderstanding or if you fell and hit your head and spent the last few months recovering from amnesia or something, just comment (everything's screened) or PM me, and we can work it out ♥


(Also, some people I've kept only on twitter or only on lj. Just because we tend to use one or the other to communicate/journal is dead/I feel more comfortable using one or the other etc.)
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2011-08-21 12:55 pm

a love song for no one

I have a terrible habit of wanting everyone to be happy with me, I hate disappointing people or having them think badly of me. This obnoxious personality trait has gotten so out of control in fandom. I keep agreeing to participate in things or write things that I know I can't or really would rather not. But I never end up following through and there's no worse feeling than letting someone down when it was the absolute last thing you wanted to do.

We all know my follow through is a joke. So, within fandom, if I've promised you fic or my participation in something or action on anything, I'm just going to void that right now. I know people will be unhappy with me b/c I've owed them quite a lot for quite a while, but I guess this is just choosing the lesser of the two evils. If you're really feeling slighted, pm me and we can try to work something out.

I know I have a lot of comments to respond to as it is, I don't mean to neglect anyone and I'm sorry if you feel like you have been. twitter ([at]glitterstains) is probably the best way to keep in touch with me (it suits my crappy attention span and irresponsibility and inability to remember anything and rather pathetic need for immediate feedback .__.)

I hate to use this as an excuse because there really isn't an excuse for how I've been acting towards the people I care about lately, but work has been completely overwhelming and my boss has been severely abusing the privileges of her position- we started with 10 employees and after the stunts she pulled, there are only four of us left to cover seven days of shifts running from 4:30 am to 12:30 am, some of which require double coverage (which we don't get. ever.) I get home and I'm just too exhausted to try and be social (not that that stops me from missing you guys terribly, I'm just too much of a zombie to figure out how to form sentences). I've also been pretty sick for the past few weeks and I now have biweekly appointments taking up huge chunks of my free-time. And my latest test results are not awesome, so that's got me feeling pretty down and withdrawn, too. These are piss poor reasons, I know, and I hate to ruin an apology with an excuse but yeah .__. /scrapes at your feet

Um, I'll just leave this. I like this performance a lot and it maybe you guys will too? asdfghjkljh idk