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Flist~ Just posting this here to avoid running over the max character count in another post. Sorry for the spam.

Title: Choux Pastry Heart
Fandom: Super Junior
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Qmi, Shimin, minor Hanchul
Summary: Every day, a little more.
A/N: I don't bother with w/c because I rarely top 3k but for some unfathomable reason, this actually managed to hit ~6k :| wth

In the morning through the window shade/When the light pressed up against your shoulder blade/I could see what you were reading  )


May. 22nd, 2010 08:12 pm
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*the 'we all know remixie ships everything under the sun' disclaimer*

that being said, I'm on the Qmi chat and it's awesome. Y'all should join me~

And I tried writing kyumin. Oh it was REAL bad :/ I suck at writing Sungmin tbh. I might try again, but idk. He's just been made into such a little girl by fandom, it makes me cringe. I understand he's cute and sweet, but that does NOT equal female to me. And I really don't know enough past the stereotype to do much else. I had Ally look at it, and we both agree that it's generic. I'll post it if there's any interest, but honestly, I really don't think it's worth the time it takes to read.

I also tried Eunhae, that was kinda fun but it came out a little strange. Might post that, too.

Anyhow, got off topic lol COME JOIN THE FUN~!
(just open up aim and go to group chat and type in the group name as 'qmi qmi qmi'. See you there~

[EDIT]: I suck at commenting rn, super busy. But I'm reading everything and will totally get back to y'all.

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It's two AM and I'm behind on my Non Western Music term paper because I felt bad about not posting for Zhou Mi's birthday- you guys know how much I love that guy. Sorry I haven't had the chance to talk to you guys lately. Hopefully I'll be able to rejoin society after finals (Maybe even with some of the fic requests you guys made~)

So I miss you lovely flist, plz to never b leavin me )

Still on indefinite hiatus, but I wanted to post this in honor of Gentleman Mimi's birthday :] (x posted to miracle)

Title: Til It Happens to You
Fandom: Super Junior
Rating: R (mention of sexual situations)
Pairing: Qmi
Summary: (AU) Kyuhyun is maybe kinda sorta whipped.
A/N: Still on indefinite hiatus (finals, kill me plz) but I really wanted to make a birthday post on time for once. Especially since it's for Gentleman Mimi :D So here's my qmi slice of life fic, and I'll see you all again in a few years TT___TT

sing this song, remind me that we'll always have each other, )


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