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This is in my veins and it gets to my heart:

I miss you so much already. I don't even know you, but you always made me feel like I did. You're just as fucked up as I am sometimes and you'll never know how much I appreciate your imperfections. I'm going to wait. And I know that everything I'm feeling right now might deaden and scar over, and maybe I won't do anything more than smile and say 'oh' when you finally do get back, but I'll still be here. And I'm never going to forget any of what you've done for me. I'm never going to stop loving you.

You'll always be my very first kpop bias and I know you're strong enough for this. I know you'll be okay. So let me be selfish and worry about how I'll make it without you.

Before the love just turns to hate/Before I ask for you to stay/And just before you walk away/Let me see you cry )
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your argument is invalid. :3

Went to see a bollywood movie with a group of friends from school, and there was an ad for that movie, "How to Train Your Dragon" and I flipped a shit like Oh my god you guys, "How to Train Your G Dragon" before I realized what it said... Thankfully they're all into kpop >.> It was all very ridiculous.

This is also the All Your Music Are Belong to Me post. I'm running out of shit to write to; so if you wouldn't mind, leave me some suggestions plz. Half your library if you want~ I listen to pretty much everything, so whatever's cool.

[EDIT]: Okay. Uh. Okay. I think I ripped the bottom part of my industrial. It's er... bleeding profusely and I can't quite see well enough to tell. But it doesn't hurt DDDD: It wasn't even infected or anything! WTH DO I DO?! /SCREAMING


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