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Title: Smooth
Fandom: Super Junior
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: yewook
Summary: One more reason to add to the list of reasons why Ryeowook is actually a girl
A/N: for [ profile] thundersquall now if I'm your bitch where the fuck is my collar :| (warning for rimming)

Man it's a hot one/Like seven inches from the midday sun /I hear you whisper and the words melt everyone/But you stay so cool )

YEAH I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT WAS :| probably going to edit it more later or something idek /headdesk
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Around 3pm today my mom (well, a few years ago) will die giving birth to me after a bazillion hours in labor. Then the nice doctor will restart her heart and my dad will deny he cried and my grandmother will veto both Kaya and Katherine and my mom will veto Sinead and my dad will veto Candace and my mom will demand Brittany Noel since she just died after all and my brother will ask if he can keep it in his room if he promises to feed it.

Uh. It's my birthday .__. Feel free to spam me or something. /wanders off to study for Geography ;;
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I hate the new apartment. I am miserable. I have no internet. I went to the library to do school work and when I came back I found a single bar of wireless connection lingering pathetically in a corner of my bedroom. I spent the rest of the evening crammed into that corner yanking this fic out of my ass. RIGHT AFTER OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCING A HIATUS THAT BEGAN MORE THAN A MONTH AGO :| I'M NOT EVEN GOING TO ASK WHY I'M LIKE THIS. Apologies for the spam, just posting this here for [ profile] thundersquall.
/slinks off dejectedly

Title: Strawberry Tart
Fandom: Super Junior
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Yewook
Summary: Genderswitch!crack
A/N: I'm not even going to bother trying to justify this.

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This is in my veins and it gets to my heart:

I miss you so much already. I don't even know you, but you always made me feel like I did. You're just as fucked up as I am sometimes and you'll never know how much I appreciate your imperfections. I'm going to wait. And I know that everything I'm feeling right now might deaden and scar over, and maybe I won't do anything more than smile and say 'oh' when you finally do get back, but I'll still be here. And I'm never going to forget any of what you've done for me. I'm never going to stop loving you.

You'll always be my very first kpop bias and I know you're strong enough for this. I know you'll be okay. So let me be selfish and worry about how I'll make it without you.

Before the love just turns to hate/Before I ask for you to stay/And just before you walk away/Let me see you cry )


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