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I'm still very sadface about school and writer's block so I'm gonna spare you guys as much of that as I can, and cling to my fake hiatus for a little longer rofl In the meantime, I was putting together a music rec list for [ profile] bittersnow and I figured I might as well share it. I listen to more than top40, I promise ;;

try sleeping with a broken heart )
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Three week hiatus starting. I have some fic to post over the next few days but that's about it for LJ activity. Catch me on Twitter/email me if you need anything.

Promise I'll get to comments and stuff when I get back.


Also, why is this the only thing I can think of when I see Teukchul? there is no clean version of the song >:/

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your argument is invalid. :3

Went to see a bollywood movie with a group of friends from school, and there was an ad for that movie, "How to Train Your Dragon" and I flipped a shit like Oh my god you guys, "How to Train Your G Dragon" before I realized what it said... Thankfully they're all into kpop >.> It was all very ridiculous.

This is also the All Your Music Are Belong to Me post. I'm running out of shit to write to; so if you wouldn't mind, leave me some suggestions plz. Half your library if you want~ I listen to pretty much everything, so whatever's cool.

[EDIT]: Okay. Uh. Okay. I think I ripped the bottom part of my industrial. It's er... bleeding profusely and I can't quite see well enough to tell. But it doesn't hurt DDDD: It wasn't even infected or anything! WTH DO I DO?! /SCREAMING


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