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lj people, if you can see this, then disregard the following \o////

I've been pretty shitty at keeping up with lj in general, and I've been especially bad at keeping in touch with lj people who aren't on twitter ;; Somehow, I ended up moving myself over there and kind of abandoning journal updating and stuffs :/ writing slump is totally not helping things along, either. If anything, most of these cuts are the result of me neglecting this thing and growing apart from a lot of you.

But I figure, if I can't remember the last time we've spoken, it's about time, haha.

There's also the case of the not-so-sudden realization that I've been putting too much effort into almost completely one-sided relationships. It's prolly a better idea if I put my time and energy into the people who actually want it?

However, if you think there's been a misunderstanding or if you fell and hit your head and spent the last few months recovering from amnesia or something, just comment (everything's screened) or PM me, and we can work it out ♥


(Also, some people I've kept only on twitter or only on lj. Just because we tend to use one or the other to communicate/journal is dead/I feel more comfortable using one or the other etc.)
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So I'm thinking that if I get a head-start on them, you guys might get your cards before the new year :3 I already went to the post office and got a TON of international stamps and I'll be damned if any of my shit gets ~lost~ this year :||||| THANK YOU, USPS. So all comments are screened, and if you'd like a card feel free to leave me your address and I'll send one along~ (please specify if you'd prefer a non-denominational card or if baby Jesus is alright or if you would just like a crappily written postcard regardless of the holiday season >.>;) And I might not have as much to write, but definitely don't be shy about asking for a card if we've just become friends or have barely spoken or whatever. I think with the way the world's going, everyone could use a little bit of extra love~

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same deal as the post on the comm \o//// :

Hello~ So we're all ([ profile] blahnicity, [ profile] crazy_albino12, [ profile] bittersnow, [ profile] remixied) actually going to SMTown NYC :DDDD we're going to be living off of saltines and ketchup packets for a while, BUT IT WILL TOTALLY BE WORTH IT. Point in case, we're going to be around Saturday and Sunday, so if you want to come and be irresponsible and lame with us, bother me 'til I respond on my fandom twitter account and let us know where you're at \o//// Be advised, we tend to be terrible at planning/giving directions so don't expect too much ;;

Also, if you haven't heard yet: SUPPORT ZHOU MI BANNERS :DDDD WHEEEEEEEE~~~~!!!!1!!!1

So yeah. Get me on @playgrndlegend mentions go straight to my phone and I'll try to get back asap \o/ excited to creep on meet new people :3333

or if you have my cell just text or call. I tried to keep track of who's going but idek anymore ;;
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Around 3pm today my mom (well, a few years ago) will die giving birth to me after a bazillion hours in labor. Then the nice doctor will restart her heart and my dad will deny he cried and my grandmother will veto both Kaya and Katherine and my mom will veto Sinead and my dad will veto Candace and my mom will demand Brittany Noel since she just died after all and my brother will ask if he can keep it in his room if he promises to feed it.

Uh. It's my birthday .__. Feel free to spam me or something. /wanders off to study for Geography ;;


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